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Converting from SVN to Git

Star date: 2009.290

I held out for a while, but I have officially become a Git convert. Now that TortoiseGit has reached version 1.0 I can't think of a single way in which SVN is better that Git. There are a lot of advantages, but by far my favorite is the distinction between "commit" and "push". In any version control system it is good to commit as often as possible so that you have better version history, but in SVN every commit gets pushed to the server. This means that if you want to commit, but you are not ready to give the code to other developers (ie: the code does not belong on the trunk of the master copy) then you have to make a branch. In SVN it can be a major pain to do everything in banches because of poor (not to mention slow) merging functionality. With Git you can commit as many times as you want, then when your code is ready for the trunk, you can push it to the master server. Much more civilized! If you haven't tried Git yet then you should. You will be impressed.

Here's an article on learning Git for SVN users: